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Niamh Carter Interiors supplies all the leading brands of fabrics & wallcoverings.

Including Zoffany, Romo, Villa Nova, Clarke and Clarke, Sanderson and Harlequin to mention a few. Call us today to make an appointment to visit our showroom to see our unique range of fabrics and experience our professional one to one service.

→ Colour Consultation

Can’t decide on what colours to paint? Our experienced team can visit your home to help and advise you on which colours to pick for your space, by taking in all of the key elements in your room like natural lighting, existing décor and style to create a colour palette that will add to your overall look. We work with a number of paint brands to achieve the look you desire, from Colourtrend to Zoffany and Sanderson paint, and we will provide your colour choices and paint codes to you after our visit. Prices start from €70, and is valid for clients within 20km.

→ In Store Consultation

In a nutshell, our in-store consultation involves spending an hour with one of our Interior Designers in our Design Studio in Blackrock. Whether you require general advice, furniture, window treatments or advice on house plans, the in-store consultation may suit you. This appointment is tailored to the specific requirements of each client. We believe the key to the success of any project is ensuring that the interiors are an authentic reflection of the clients’ needs and aspirations.

We work with many trades and can supply you with contacts to transform your design concept into a realisation. We find it helpful if our clients can bring in photos or videos of their space, along with any relevant measurements or house plans if your project is a new build or renovation. At only €70 per hour, this is our most accessible service for anyone starting their design journey.

→ One Room & Two Room Design

Interior design can be quite daunting. You know you want a certain look, but don’t know how to go about it, where to start. Or maybe you don’t know what you like, but you want something different. This is where we come into the picture. In this package, we offer a full design vision for one room of your choice at the price of €250 per room.

One Room Design: Our Interior Designer visits your home to consider the space and discuss your design preferences. Following on from this visit, the designer will invite you to our design studio for an hour consultation where they will present 2 or 3 design concepts and palettes curated for you. This appointment is a collaborative process where we will talk you through each of the looks and work with you to achieve a design for your room that you love. Another appointment follows where we will work with you on picking the finishing touches for the room, like accessories, lighting and furniture. We will then provide you with a quote and an email which includes links to finish the space, as well as recommendations to contractors to complete your project. Subsequent one-to-one consultations are available at €70 per appointment. Our availability varies depending on time and travel.

Design Documents: A Design Document is a comprehensive compilation of aspects of design we provide, everything needed to finish your home. It is available in addition to the Room or Home Design at the cost of €250, where we expand on your design concepts for the spaces. It consists of a photos, shopping list, links and prices to everything to complete your home suiting your style, from furniture to rugs, lights, and accessories, down to the finer details. It allows you to save your time and headache of sourcing it yourself. We always recommend that this design document is done for you when you are ready to finish your project, as products linked might become unavailable later on.

→ Full House Design & Project Management

The first part of the project is the chat! We’ll ask you what you’re looking for – what’s inspired you? What look are you hoping to achieve? Every project is unique and tailored to the specific requirements of the client. The key to the success of every project is ensuring that the interiors are an authentic reflection on the customers’ needs and aspirations. It’s our job to create a room that you love!

Following on from the initial home-visit and consultation, we will work together and create a comprehensive plan for your entire build, including budgeting, sourcing, scheduling and management site visits for the build, as well as a full design package for your home. We will accompany you on shopping expeditions to choose furniture, kitchen finishes, tiles and carpets, anything you need to finish your home, we pride ourselves on completing everything within your budget. Call or email us to find out what we can do for your project, prices are calculated per project.